Spotlight on FIA Participant

Spotlight on an FIA Participant

VanessaVanessa, one of our Amigos in Action youth group members and her mom agreed to be this month’s featured on our FIA website. Vanessa, her mother and 2 brothers have been attending Families in Action for several years.

Here are some highlights of our conversation with Vanessa and her mom:

Something about me not everyone knows about me:
“I have a dog. I’ve had Bella since she was a puppy. She is a year and a half old but she is NOT named after the lead character in those books everyone read.” (Twilight series)
I like:
“Sleeping, eating, talking to my friends, soccer, saxophone, vanilla ice cream, my favorite school subject is math.”
In the future, I want to:
“Be a pastry chef or an artist.”

I am grateful for:
“My family and my life.”

A favorite memory:
“The day before Thanksgiving last year, my mom and I got up really early, around 6 in the morning. We went to No Frills in South Omaha and bought all the spices and ingredients for making a the turkey my dad got from his work. It was fun because it was just me and my mom cooking. We were surprised at how well the turkey turned out. We went over to my grandmother’s house to celebrate the day and let’s just put it this way—there were no leftovers from our turkey! Everyone else liked it as much as we did!”



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