Programas, Familias en Accion/Families in Action Programs

Familias en Acción les invita a unirse a nuestros programas en persona.

 Estamos localizados en el sur de Omaha en la 4112 S. 26th Street

Tenemos programas para mujeres y niños que incluyen: clases de arte, costura, ejercicios, actividades para niños, clínicas de salud y programas de bienestar mental. 

Join Familias en Accion for in-person programs.

Location: South Omaha: 4112 S. 26th Street:

Programs for women and children include: art classes, sewing classes, exercise classes, health clinics and mental wellness programs.

FIA Welcomes Associate Director

Our Families in Action Board of Directors and team is pleased to welcome Lillian Miranda in the role of Associate Director, Families in Action. Lillian brings a wealth of experience in mental wellness, community programming, and leadership. She is a certified WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Facilitator; and a certified Mediator with the State of Nebraska.

An Experience with Families: A Volunteer Perspective

Families in Action has undoubtedly touched my life. Although my schedule has become exceedingly hectic with work and academics, I can truthfully say that my time volunteering has become the highlight of my week. It makes all the difference in my ability to reflect upon my week with a pure sense of joy and fulfillment.

Each week, I look forward to the precious time I get to spend with the beautiful children of the community and with the staff members of Families in Action, and each week I am reminded of the meaning of my life: to impact the lives of those around me in a positive way and to learn from them in the process.

Not only is it a stress relief from college life to run and play outside with the children, other volunteers and FIA adult leaders, but also, it continually reminds me of what I am most passionate about in my own life. It is easy to foster my desire to become a nurse by observing and participating in the health education that Families in Action provides, and even easier to integrate my desire to learn Spanish while conversing with Martha, Carmen or others on site.

However, for me the most meaningful part is the people who make up the program. Virginia, Gema, Alma, Consuelo, Irma, Martha, Kaela and the others in the community look out for each other on such a deep level. It is obvious how much the women and children care about each other as they go out of their way to welcome new guests and, as staff does, facilitate carpooling each week for those who do not have transportation.

There in an undeniable sense of community within Families in Action and I leave each week with a full heart knowing I am unbelievably lucky to be welcomed into such a loving group of people.

Ann T.

Omaha, Nebraska

Creighton University Graduate,

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Methodist College Mobile Clinic Visits FIA

Families in Action was pleased to host Methodist College Mobile Clinic and nursing students last month at our 32 and K site.  Nursing students, accompanied by their Professors, provided blood sugar screenings, height and weight measurements, bmi, and blood pressure checks.  FIA’s literacy students, along with our Families in Action participants and staff, were honored to work with such a dedicated group of students and faculty.

FIA’s participants– men, women and children– credit regular participation in educational, nutritional and exercise programs conducted via FIA with meeting their health and wellness needs.  Additional information was requested by participants concerning elevated blood sugar levels in children. FIA facilitated a brief question and answer forum on this topic on site with Dr. Cristina Fernandez (FIA Advisor).



Congratulations to Virginia!!

Recently, Virginia McGill received the Tri-state area Lifetime Achievement Award for service within the Latino Community.

This award recognizes a non Latino(a)/Hispanic individual or business who has exhibited outstanding leadership in improving the lives of Latinos/Hispanics in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

Congratulations and a huge Thank You to Virginia for her work!

FIA Receives Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Grant

 Families in Action (FIA) received a grant this year (2020) to address Childhood Obesity with our partner, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.

According to the recent Community Health Needs Assessment, co-sponsored by Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, childhood obesity ranked as the number one concern of parents in the greater Omaha Metropolitan area. Childhood obesity is a health crisis on the national level, as well, affecting 17 percent of children and teens in the United States. 

FIA is grateful for the support of the Children’s Learning Collaborative, Dr. Corinne Hanson and Dr. Barb Braden for their assistance in this endeavor, and for the commitment and dedication of Children’s in working with our organization, participants and community to address childhood obesity.